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How to last longer during sex

How to last longer during sex

How to last longer during sex

We wouldn't blame you for not bookmarking this one.

Despite what your mates tell you after several pints, lasting longer in the bedroom (or so to speak) remains a genuine concern for many young men - hell, we all remember Ben Stiller's extensive pre-gaming in There's Something About Mary.

Should you or a friend be one of them, advice is at hand: this infographic has been put together by the online doctor team of Lloyd's Pharmacy, illustrating a range of tips and treatments that can help men prolong their sexual antics and gain confidence in the bedroom.

Don't worry about reading this on a commute - you're not about to scroll into an eye-watering Kama Sutra-themed guide. This is simple stuff and it could prove hugely helpful.

You know, for your mate Dave.

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