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How to jump between moving cars

How to jump between moving cars

How to jump between moving cars
14 November 2011

If you’ve ever needed to escape the clutches of a kidnapper or pursue an absconding villain by transferring from one moving car to another, or indeed, simply been seduced to an extreme extent by another vehicle’s more luxuriant upholstery, then you’ll have wished stuntman Riky Ash ( was there to facilitate your transfer. Luckily, he’s here now.

Image 1. “The cars should be travelling at a uniform speed and maintaining a distance where you can reach the other car without over-stretching — ideally, about 3ft should do it. The first stage is to sit on the window frame as you would sit on a chair, with your legs inside the car and your back facing the other car. Grip the top of the frame with your hands, palms up.”

Image 2. “Now take your left hand off of the frame, twist your body round and grab the top of the window frame on the second car. You’re still maintaining three points of contact with both vehicles, which is a good rule to stick to at all times when carrying out dangerous high-speed stunts like this.”

Image 3. “Next, take your left leg out, so that you’re straddling the door, before reaching across with your right hand to the window frame of the second car. Use your right leg as a hook on the door of the first car.”

Image 4. “Do the next stage very quickly — you don’t want to be between the cars for long. Put your left leg through the window of the second car, followed immediately by your right leg and, a bit like a high-jumper going over the bar, force yourself through the window on to the back seat.”

Images: Dave Hopkins