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Everyone needs to know this weatherman's trick for defrosting your windshield

This makes life so much easier

Everyone needs to know this weatherman's trick for defrosting your windshield

Yesterday it snowed in London, which means that the media officially recognised that it has been snowing in the UK for the first time this year. It doesn’t matter that other parts of the country had seen fairly significant snowfall before yesterday, it only counts when it comes to London. All your previous, northern snow was fake news, sorry.

Once you become an adult, you come to realise that the best thing you can possibly do with snow is look at it through the window of your warm, toasty house. Going outside in it is a mug’s game. Sadly, it’s now Monday, which means we’re all forced to trudge our way into work through the black, slimy residue - suddenly snow isn’t such fun anymore.

I don’t have to tell you that Britain is not a country built for snow - it only takes an inch for the country to grind to a halt. Trains are delayed even more than usual, buses have to creep along at half a mile an hour, and your car turns into a block of solid ice.

You know the story, you bundle yourself out the door before realise that yes, your windshield is frozen solid, and hurriedly dash back inside to boil the kettle. Your pour boiling water over the windshield, and it defrosts, like, the bottom six inches. You decide that’ll have to do, and drive the first half of your journey to work hunched over, peering through the tiny crack of clear glass. It is… not ideal. Or safe in any way.

However, this ridiculous charade can now become a thing of the past, thanks to this extremely useful trick from an American weatherman named - are you ready for this - Ken Weathers. Yes, really.

All you need to do is mix two parts rubbing alcohol with one part water into one of those spray bottles, and when you spurt it at your windshield, it’ll melt in no time. So easy. Here’s Ken teaching you how to do it in a video:

Obviously not everyone has rubbing alcohol to hand at all times, so this is something you’ll need to plan ahead for, but if you go out and get it now, it’ll mean everything will be much easier the next time your windshield freezes up (tomorrow, probably).

Thank you, Ken, for your wisdom, and also for your name. Some things truly are written in the stars.

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