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How To Avoid Waking Up At Night

How To Avoid Waking Up At Night

How To Avoid Waking Up At Night
27 March 2015

We all know that the sweet release of sleep is pretty much the best part of any day. Slowly feeling your body unwind as you hit the mattress? It's a feeling of pure bliss.

And then halfway through the night - boom - you're awake, manically counting the number of hours' sleep that you'll get if you somehow manage to get back to the land of nod, while cursing the fact that you'll be tired for the whole of the following day.

Thankfully, help is at hand in the form of this useful infographic, put together by bed company Dreams, which investigates the causes of those nighttime interruptions, together with possible remedies to ensure you maximise your rest each night.

Hit the snooze button and give this a read - click to zoom in.

(Image: Dreams, Shutterstock)

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