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How much a roast dinner costs across the UK

How expensive is your home?

How much a roast dinner costs across the UK
30 October 2017

Sunday roasts are honestly the pinnacle of British cuisine.

As much as we try to pretend that trendy eateries in London and Manchester that serve meals in shoes, on skateboards and in dustbin lids (I kid you not) have expanded our food tastes, the mighty roast dinner remains the classic British dish.

But while we may still be madly in love with a simple plate of roast lamb, potatoes, yorkshire puddings and veg, it’s undeniable that prices have increased in recent years.

So if you’re willing to travel to find a bargain, here’s a useful round-up of how much a classic roast will set you back across the UK according to a new study:

Cardiff: £10.94

Sheffield: £12.20

Leeds: £12.50

Newcastle: £13.50

Belfast: £14.57

Edinburgh: £17.68

Manchester: £15.31

London: £19.21

Mmmmm… gravy…

Kirsten Bolton of holiday homes construction firm Willerby, who commissioned the survey, told the Mirror: “Sundays are starting to get quite expensive.

“In days gone by a roast would set you back around £7, yet today our research shows that people are paying more than £14 on average.”

She also points out that there appears to be a North-South divide.

Kirsten added: “As the home of the most expensive commercial rents in the UK, it will be no surprise to learn that London is the most expensive region in the UK to order a Sunday roast.”

So there you have it. I’ll see you in Cardiff for a massive roast get-together next Sunday! 

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