Honest thief returns man's wallet with an absolutely incredible note


Having a wallet stolen can be an emotionally sapping experience, inducing fear and setting your mind racing off in a thousand paranoid directions.

Credit cards? You’d best cancel those. ID cards? Probably about to be used in mass fraud. That girl’s phone number you scrawled down of a business card but have been too busy playing Football Manager 2016 to call yet? The thief who took your wallet is probably out on a date with her right now… using your cash to pay for it.

Well one person who needn’t worry anymore is Reilly Flaherty, a New Yorker who recently lost his at a gig in Brooklyn, and who has now seen some of the contents posted back to him courtesy of the person who stole it. Along with a note.

That’s right - the actual thief returned the Ryan's “credit cards and other important stuff” after he found the lad's address in the wallet after stealing it in Brooklyn. 

Explaining why they kept the cash and even the walltet ('needed weed, the MetroCard because, well, the fare’s $2.75 now, and the wallet ’cause it’s kinda cool') it’s not quite an apology but more somebody turning a heinous crime into a slightly odd good deed.

Signing off with ‘Toodles, Anonymous’, we don’t know who the mystery person is but we do know that you should stick an address in your wallet pronto.

You never know when a good Samaritan might pinch it.