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Hilary Swank wishes happy birthday to a war criminal

But gets paid comfortably (allegedly)

Hilary Swank wishes happy birthday to a war criminal
Danielle de Wolfe
11 October 2011

When the Human Rights Watch label your actions "crimes against humanity" then it's probably pretty tough to get people to attend your birthday party.

But if you're also very, very rich then things suddenly become a whole load easier.

Chechnya's president, Ramzan Kadyrov, has apparently created a 300-name "murder list" which contains anyone who opposes his brutal regime. Scores of people who have publicly spoke out on his tyranny have been murdered soon after.

But even evil dictators deserve to have a good time every now and then, right? So for his 35th birthday he invited a whole load of A-listers to come and party with him. Shakira, Eva Mendes and Kevin Costner all declined but Seal, Jean Claude Van Damme, Vanessa Mae (?!) and Hilary Swank jumped on a plane to wish him well.

Just days before the event, the Human Rights Watch appealed to Swank, explaining the history, and she told them she wouldn't go. But, as this skin-crawling video shows, she totally went. Hooray for Hollywood!

(Image: Rex Features)