This man just destroyed the world’s stupidest conmen in the most perfect way


It's safe to say that most of us have had our cold hearts warmed whenever we hear sad tales of Nigerian Princes who would give us a cut of their multimillion dollar fortune, if only we'd be kind enough to provide them with our bank details.

But, nonetheless, it's still a jungle out there, with scammers and robbers roaming the wilds, trying to exploit the trusting, the naive, and the vulnerable.

Fortunately, though, we can sleep a little easier at night knowing that the likes of US comedian and radio presenter Dave Holmes are out there, watching our back. His tale of being targeted by the world's worst scammers has gone viral, and for good reason: it's extremely funny.

Read on to follow the story, as he live-tweeted it. And continue to beware of rich African royalty, OK?