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Here's what the new Pokémon app game looks like

Here's hoping its more addictive than Candy Crush.

Here's what the new Pokémon app game looks like

It's an app that threatens to end productivity the world over, ushering in a decade of meetings cancelled, "because a wild MewTwo just appeared at the end of the road".

New footage has emerged of Nintendo's hugely anticipated Pokémon smartphone game, finally giving a practical insight into what you'll be able to do with the augmented reality app.

Nine minutes of video have appeared online showing what players in Australia and New Zealand have been able to get stuck into in a recent beta test. 

The game works by using your phone's GPS location and camera: users are notified of where a new Pokémon has been located, allowing you to do 'battle' with them when you make it to the real-life spot. Rather than battling the creature with your own caged monster, you just have to throw Pokéballs at it (which, we'll admit, is a bit disappointing).

As you collect Pokémon and gain more XP, you'll then be able to take on gym leaders - but again, you won't be dishing out moves like you were in the original Game Boy titles: Pokémon just repeat attacks until one of them stands victorious. 

While things could change before the game is finally released for iOS and Android (still no word on when that'll happen), the emphasis of the title looks to be on catching them all, rather than strategic battles. 

Here's hoping it's more addictive than Candy Crush.