Here's what London will look like if all its planned skyscrapers are built

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David Cornish

The Big Smoke is set to get even bigger.

There are currently around 250 high rise buildings under construction or in planning in London - a squash of new developments that the BBC's Newsnight has brought to life with a projected skyline of the capital, should all the buildings reach completion.

Critics of the planned developments are concerned that many of the proposed buildings are cashing in on London's housing bubble: rather than providing communities with much needed housing and infrastructure, many of the tower blocks will be built as nothing more than "safety deposit boxes", serving to grow the wealth of rich foreign investors.

In addition to addressing London's lack of affordable housing, there are also concerns that many of the proposed buildings will ruin sight lines - ironically harming the value of some existing luxury flats once their view is altered by new tower blocks.

Check out the feature in full above, and gifs of individual areas below.

The protected view of Greenwich Observatory (ancient planning regulations require that there's a clear line of sight to St Paul's Cathedral)

The view from Vauxhall, set to host some of the most expensive new residential tower blocks in the captial

View from Lambeth Bridge

The view from Blackfriars Bridge

[Via: BBC/i100]