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Here are the best and worst places for 4G in the UK

Bad news if you live in Bournemouth

Here are the best and worst places for 4G in the UK

There is nothing – nothing – worse than not having 4G. It is worse than literally any other thing you can name: losing your job, breaking up with your partner, literally dying. Having no 4G is worse than being dead. Sorry, but it is indisputably true. 

Anyway: now we know which cities are worse to live in than the literal earth because you are dead and that’s where dead people live, I guess, because new data has shown the worst and best spots for 4G in the UK’s largest cities. The data – gathered by Which? and OpenSignal – has highlighted the top and bottom 10 cities for access, and a lot of places are not looking good.

In a sentence never, ever uttered before: good news if you live in Middlesbrough! That’s because it tops the chart with 4G available 83% of the time. It’s followed by Sheffield, Sunderland, Leicester and Leeds. London, shimmering wonderland of opportunity or whatever, doesn’t fare very well at all – it’s fifth from bottom on the list.

And if you live in Bournemouth, Southampton, Cardiff or Nottingham, you won’t be very happy to hear that you’re at the bottom of the chart – the worst, Bournemouth, only has 68% availability. That’s THIRTY TWO PERCENT of the time you can’t look up your ex on Facebook and get really depressed about how well they seem to be doing without you, or mindlessly scroll through Twitter in an attempt to distract yourself from the ultimately futile task that is being a human being inexplicably hurtling towards death, a person living day to day in the knowledge that one day they will die and none of this will mean anything, or send Snapchats. 

But hey – you can always… move... to Middlesbrough?