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Here are the best flying tips from a frequent traveller

Make your experience slightly less horrific

Here are the best flying tips from a frequent traveller
20 February 2019

Travelling, whilst obviously pretty fun, can also be stressful.

Getting to the airport on time, hanging around in terminal for ages, sitting on a horrible stuffy plane feeling your skin dehydrate and knowing that by the end of the flight you’ll merely be a husk of a person… none of this is great.

Add to the fact that most of us are travelling on budget airlines and we’re also having to contend with crying babies, endless queues and ridiculous limits on luggage and that idyllic holiday starts to look a bit less appealing.

Luckily for us, seasoned traveller Taha Khan hit Twitter to share some of his best tips, ranging from what to do about jetlag and how to successful manoeuvre hellish airport queues

All great advice. But we can’t help but notice he’s missed one thing – the pre-flight Spoons pint. No holiday would be complete without it.

(Image: Unsplash)