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Have an idea to help save London's nightlife? Then this job is for you

Want to get paid for going out? Step this way...

Have an idea to help save London's nightlife? Then this job is for you
25 August 2016

Nightlife in London has endured a tough time of late with historic clubs closing and pubs and bars declining rapidly. The night tube is part of the process of to re-energise the city’s night life, but there's still a long way to go.

Enter the Night Czar.

Which sounds like a supervillain name rather than a job title, but they will have one simple task: help save London’s nightlife.

The position is open for anyone to apply, with their diversity policy set out in the ad. The qualification for the job is very vague but dig a little deeper and you'll need an understanding of economics and politics, creative vision, leadership skills, negotiation and public speaking, an established public profile and a powerful persona.

The annual salary £35,000 for two and a half says of work: let’s hope you get an expense account as most of us could waste half that getting in to clubs and boozing the night away quite easily.

The Night Czar will work with Khan, the Night Time Commission, TFL, local authorities and businesses to expand and grow the night economy, developing a ‘Night Time Economy Best Practice Guide’ – whatever the hell that is – helping attract people to London for its nightlife.

The list of responsibilities are pretty insane for a part-time job and it's something of a wonder that this is a position for only one person - perhaps they mean two and a half days straight with no sleep. Challenge accepted.

Well what are you waiting for? Dust off your CVs and get submitting...