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This quiz will determine how happy you really are

This test will reveal the truth

This quiz will determine how happy you really are
03 January 2018

As we rapidly barrel into 2018, it’s that time of year when many people are looking at their lives and deciding if they’re truly happy. Should I get another job? Am I really happy in my relationship? How can I be more positive about life?

One man who thinks he knows a thing or two about how to boost your mood and your outlook on life is registered psychotherapist Richard Nicholls. He’s recently published a new book called 15 Minutes to Happiness and it’s filled with fascinating advice and insight.

One thing he suggests before embarking on your quest to happiness is first taking stock of how happy you are now – and then seeing if you’ve improved down the road. This test, which should only take a few minutes, is based on one in his new book. Let us know how you get on!

And then read fantastic tips and advice from Richard Nicholls on the best ways to be happier in 2018 here

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