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Hacking Scandal, Simpsons-style

We imagine the cast of a Springfield-made movie

Hacking Scandal, Simpsons-style

We like to think that we understand the phone hacking scandal. We’ve read the papers back to front, we’ve watched Newsnight endlessly and we regularly devour Jon Snow’s tweets.

And yet, when we watch the Murdochs being grilled by a select committee or Rebekah Brooks attempting to put on a brave face, all we can think about is how much all the main protagonists resemble characters from The Simpsons.

Seriously, it’s uncanny. Sideshow Bob as the aforementioned beleaguered Brooks; Mr Burns as Rupert Murdoch; Mayor Quimby as David Cameron, Ed Miliband as the holier than thou Reverend Lovejoy… heck, this just writes itself. Surely, it can’t have escaped the attention of Matt Groening? We expect he’s writing The Simpsons Do Phone Hacking: The Movie as we speak. And if he isn’t, well, he should be. We'll take our 13.5%.

Unsure who's who? Sideshow Bob as Rebekah Brooks; Montgomery Burns as Rupert Murdoch; Waylon Smithers as James Murdoch; Mayor Quimby as Prime Minister David Cameron; Reverend Lovejoy as Leader of the Opposition Ed Miliband; Old Gil as former News of the World journalist Paul McMullan; Chief Wiggum as outgoing Metropolitan Police Commissioner Sir Paul Stephenson; Troy McClure as Hugh Grant; Frank Grimes as Andy Coulson; Krusty The Clown as pie-throwing 'comedian' Jonnie Marbles; Kent Brockman as newsreader Jon Snow; Drederick Tatum as Wendi Deng


Images: Rex/Matt Groening and The Simpsons/