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Guy gives false name while real one is tattooed on arm


Guy gives false name while real one is tattooed on arm

When it comes to tattoos, we're not the most enthusiastic lot.

Aside from the whole crippling pain thing, there's the damn permanency of it all. If you're still not convinced, here's a whole new reason to remain ink-free.

Nineteen-year-old Idaho resident Dylan Edward Contreras was walking down the street with two buddies and a dog. When an officer told them to move to the pavement, Contreras looked like he might run away, so he was stopped.

When the cop asked him for identification, Contreras claimed his name was Emiliano Velesco (better than our 'John Smith' standby) and no match was found on the police database. All sorted right? Well it would have been if our intellectually challenged anti-hero didn't have his surname tattooed on his arm.

After a new search, the database revealed that he had three warrants for failure to appear on charges, including, you guessed it, providing false information. D'oh.

(Images: Rex Features, Twin Falls County Jail)


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