Student spends all night helping Grenfell Tower victims despite sitting A-level the next day

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Tom Victor

An A-Level student has emerged as one of the heroes of the Grenfell Tower blaze, leaving his home nearby to help residents find shelter despite having an exam just hours later.

18-year-old Rory Walsh was on the scene from 2am-8am on Wednesday morning, and returned to the scene after taking time out to sit his English A-Level.

With donations flooding in from across the capital, he has been among the volunteers making a difference as residents of the multi-storey building have been left in dire need of shelter and supplies.

"I was here from two until eight, and then my exam was at Twickenham so I had to journey over there,” Walsh told the BBC.

"I wasn't going to go to the exam this morning but I thought I might as well and now we have just been running back and forth with shopping trolleys full of donations."

Muslim residents awake in the early hours for Ramadan have also been praised for helping people flee the burning building after the fire started while many were still asleep. At the time of writing, 17 people have been confirmed dead following what is believed to have been an electrical fire, though the number of casualties is expected to significantly rise.

Various sites across London have been taking donations, while a number of crowdfunding pages have been established for those affected.

Here’s how you can help contribute to the cause.

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