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Graeme Souness slaps down Thierry Henry in terrifying style

Don't mess with the 'ness

Graeme Souness slaps down Thierry Henry in terrifying style

You don't mess with the 'ness.

Graeme Souness was never less than a feisty presence during his time as a player - illustrated perfectly on his debut match as Rangers player-manager when he was sent off for a vicious tackle - but we all thought he'd mellowed a little during his years as a pundit on Sky Sports.

However, there are still glimpses of his nasty side, as demonstrated perfectly by this vicious slapdown he gave poor Thierry Henry after he tried to interject while Souness was speaking during a post-match analysis of Sunday's North London derby between Tottenham and Arsenal.

Kinda scary, right?

It reminded us of Lee Dixon's famous look of frustration when Alan Shearer talked over him during an England match analysis.

And it also showed that, while there's been a mixed reaction to Henry's talents as an expert summariser, he is clearly gifted at creating viral gold.

Who knows, maybe old Souey's jealous of the Frenchman's affections for Carragher.