Google's Ace New York Guerrilla Ad Campaign

See, this is why no one uses Bing (and if you don’t get the joke, it only proves our point further).
For Google’s latest ad campaign, the pop culture savvy Internet giant has carried out some ingenious guerrilla marketing across New York City, scattering unique and knowing instillation points at landmarks like Top of the Rock to iconic hangouts like Katz’s Deli.
Not even the balls in bowling alleys and cups in coffee shops are exempt from the playfulness, what with each item playing a unique factor in what a person might Google (‘How many holes can a bowling ball have? ‘What’s the history of the cappuccino?’).
The campaign (put together by agency 72andSunny, and designed to promote the search engine’s new, overhauled mobile app) is just the latest example of a company at the top of its game.
It's surely reason reason to warrant a trip to the Big Apple alone. You know where to search for flights...

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