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Google's new phone was just leaked and it looks like an absolute game-changer

Spoiler alert

Google's new phone was just leaked and it looks like an absolute game-changer

Spoiler alert.

Carphone Warehouse has spoilt Google's major smartphone announcement party, accidentally listing the secretive new Pixel handsets a day before Google's official announcement. 

While someone within the Carphone Warehouse team will have turned a 50 shades of beetroot in embarrassment, news that Google is set to launch a new smartphone isn't a huge surprise: the search giant has been teasing details of its 4 October event for several weeks, with adverts hinting at a new phone. 

Come now, anyone glancing at the below will have been able to put two and two together...

The Carphone Warehouse blunder (since taken offline) gave full details of the two new handsets: 

  • Pixel: a 5-inch screen with 4GB RAM and 32GB storage, apparently expandable via a microSD card slot. A 12-megapixel camera sits on the rear, alongside a fingerprint scanner, while there's an 8-megapixel camera on the front. It also uses a USB Type-C port, allowing for seven hours of battery life from a 15 minute charge.
  • Pixel XL: a 5.5-inch screen also with 4GB RAM and 32GB or 128GB storage. It otherwise appears to use the same cameras and specs, but use a more powerful processor and contain a larger 3450mAh battery.

Other leaked details include Google's emphasis on unlimited photo storage thanks to their cloud saving photo app, video calling via the Duo app, the smart messaging app Allo (which Edward Snowden hates) and some neat new phone cases with matching screen wallpapers.

Perhaps the most exciting aspect of the new phone is a rear touch screen capacity, hinted at with this image:

An oft-ignored complaint of large phone handsets is just how hard they are to use with one hand for anyone who doesn't have sausages and spades at the end of their arms. The Pixel could be Google's answer to the issue, adding a touch panel to the rear of the phone that can interpret taps and touches for accessing apps and menus display on the front of the phone - not unlike the technology PlayStation built into the rear of the PS Vita

No longer will small digited phone users live in fear of dropping their £500 smartphone when they try and inch their thumb across the screen to reach an annoyingly distant menu button. 

We'll bring you news of Google's new Pixel phones, along with all the other technology their expected to reveal at their 4 October event, when it's officially shown off. Unless, of course, another major smartphone retailer gives the game away...

[Via: Android Police]