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Google has finally replaced their ‘gun emoji’ with something less shrouded in death

Probably about time, right?

Google has finally replaced their ‘gun emoji’ with something less shrouded in death
25 April 2018

In today’s climate, it’s probably not the best idea to have a gun emoji, is it? Emojis are fun and silly and for kids, guns are scary and bad and shouldn’t be for anyone - it’s not best practice having them share the same platform. Thankfully, this is a thing that the big dogs in the emoji game have recognised, and duly addressed.

Like Apple, who changed it from this:

To this:

Twitter also followed suit, swapping their gun:

For this gun:

And now it’s time for Google to jump on the water pistol bandwagon, because someone with an iPhone might be texting their young sister asking them if they want a water-fight, but if they’ve got an Android phone, they’re going to be reading that innocent request as “I’M GOING TO SHOOT YOU IN THE HEAD YOU LITTLE BASTARD”. 

It’s very important they get this sorted asap, basically. Which, credit to them, they are duly doing - their current gun:

Is slowly making the change across the board to this cutie-pie:

Now we can all have a big water-fight, without any danger of someone bringing along an actual gun. Unless of course, they own a Windows phone or are using Facebook Messenger, who both still have the gun emoji. Still, if we look at things from the other side, it stops someone bringing a water-pistol to a gun fight, which is entirely detrimental to your chances of success in that situation.

(Images: Getty, Apple, Google, Twitter)