Glorious image of London taken from the International Space Station


If you're lucky enough to have flown over London at night, you'll have seen something similar, but this magnificent photo really captures the nighttime beauty of London.

It was taken by NASA astronaut Kjell Lindgren from the International Space Station and depicts the winding path of the Thames with the city lights radiating out from the centre - check it out below and click to enlarge.

The 42 year-old astronaut was born in Taipei before moving to the US and then growing up in the UK. He then returned to American, joining the US Air Force and then NASA in 2007.

If you're into beautiful photography, it's worth giving him a follow on Twitter as he frequently posts superb images from on board the ISS; we've compiled ten of his best shots in the gallery below - enjoy.

(Images: NASA/Kjell Lindgren)