Girl on dating app asks about a guy’s job and he reacts in the worst way imaginable

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Chris Sayer

When it comes to dating, first impressions are everything. You gotta look good, smell good, and start the conversation without making your would-be partner think you're a total moron. Simple, right?

Not for Connor. Connor is a proper knobhead. 

The below exchange on dating app Bumble recently went viral after singleton Ashley attempted to break the ice with new match Connor, and began proceedings with some light-hearted chat about work. Like an utter pillock, Connor comes back to her with a tirade of nonsensical and aggressive ranting, and at one point seems to blame Beyonce for something (we're still not entirely sure what).

Oh, and then the final message is utterly spectacular. See the whole thing below. 

  • Girl on dating app asks about a guy's job and he reacts in the worst way imaginable


    Hey, Connor, good luck with that whole 'staying single forever' thing, pal. 


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