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Ginger men are needed to donate their sperm - know anyone who could help?

You'll get paid for it too

Ginger men are needed to donate their sperm - know anyone who could help?

Gingers get a tough time of it sometimes, which is a shame, because I think they’re alright – in fact, I’m half ginger, because when I grow a beard, it’s a garish hue of red. That fully qualifies me to gain entry to ginger rallies and stuff, or whatever it is they get up to.

But I do not share the main problem that they have to deal with: their orange sperm, which stains white T-shirts way more than normal sperm, so it’s well embarrassing at work the next day. Yes, awkward for sure, but there’s an upside – ginger sperm is in high demand, and if you’re the proud owner of a carrot top, you could be in the money.

Co-ParentMatch, a social networking site for people looking for potential co-parents, sperm donors or sperm recipients, is specifically looking for ginge. Essentially, the website allows you to find and meet people to have a baby with, but without doing a rude on them, and this month they launched a campaign called #SaveGingers, in an effort to find ginger sperm donors. They say:

“Our female members are looking for ginger donors now. Only 2% of our sperm donors have ginger hair.”

Need persuading? Reasons to be cheerful, 1, 2, 3:

I mean come on guys, I normally do this shit for free – you can get paid for it. I guess I can too, but I wouldn’t trust mine as far as you could throw them. So head on over to the website and get, erm, tugging?

(Image: Red Hot by Thomas Knights)