George Takei, a metal bassist and an old lady have one thing in common... hating Donald Trump


It's increasingly strange to remember that just a decade ago, Facebook's George Takei was best known for being in Star Trek. Now he's got nearly ten million fans on the social network that can pretty much take or leave the sci-fi classic - they're there for the bants, which Takei absolutely brings.

He's taken on the pompous non-answers of Donald Trump this week sharing a post originally written by a fan of his, Steven Edwards: 

When Edwards originally wrote the post, it got 1,000 likes. Takei's taken it to over 180,000. Sulu is POWERFUL. It's not just celebrities that are queueing up to tear The Donald a new one, though. This 71-year-old grandmother decided to dip her toe in the murky world of social media to make one solid point:

She ended up with over 45,000 retweets, which is extraordinary - if she stops there, she'll have the best average ever.

Also having fun with Trump at the moment is awesomely-named metal bassist Iggy Jackson-Cohen, who has "covered" the supercut of The Wigged One saying "China" umpteen times. It turns out Trump's voice makes for a pretty great bass solo. There's a bit where he pretty much plays a Geezer Butler Black Sabbath riff, which is the closest to being badass Trump gets really.

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