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This story about Gazza at Italia '90 is amazing

Featuring Nigel Kennedy on a dinghy

This story about Gazza at Italia '90 is amazing

Outside of his footballing talents – best shown during those halcyon days of Italia ‘90 and Euro ‘96 - Paul Gascoigne may be best known for his cheeky personality and often outlandish off-pitch antics. 

And a story shared today by football journalist David Hartrick highlights that better than ever. 

“This story by Gazza about a day off whilst at Italia '90 basically packs more into 500-odd words than your average thriller novel,” Hartrick writes. 

Quite why Nigel Kennedy was on a dinghy with Gary Lineker isn’t explained but if you want more where this came from, you can buy Gazza’s autobiography here

(Image: Rex)

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