Tony The Tiger has started blocking fans on Twitter after they started getting creepy with him

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Joe Ellison

It can’t be easy being one the animal kingdom’s deadliest predators and forced to survive on nothing but milk, sugar and high-fructose corn syrup. 

Just ask Tony the Tiger, that anthropomorphic employee of Kellogg’s, who ever since being trapped in the wild and fitted with an electronic tag hidden in a neckerchief all those decades ago, has been flogging Frosties for the cereal conglomerate tirelessly. Does he even sleep? Well, that's probably all the sugar.

And now it’s got even worse for poor Tony, who’s started to attract some rather undesirable attention on his Twitter account, being the social media hound he is.

The Furry Fandom community (people who get off on dressing up in life-size animal costumes like cosplay but all year round) is bombarding the beleaguered Frosties mascot with weird sexually charged messages, Tweeting his @realtonytiger account to tell him just how horny he makes them.

Suffice to say, they’rrrrrrre creepy.

Soon though Tony had had enough of it and began blocking some of the users aiming filth at his timeline.

Naturally, a hashtag followed and the randy comments continued to engulf him like a pint of semi-skimmed over those golden flakes (not a metaphor).

But then perhaps Tony brought it all on himself. How else would you explain his Twitter bio, coming across as the sort of sleazy pick-up ploy you'd find on Tinder or Grindr.

Shame on you, Tony. At least it's not another Tinder selfie with drugged up lion...


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