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Funny women

More than just pretty faces

Funny women

It's an incredibly hard combination to get right. Women who are genuinely funny but also worth a serious amount of staring. While the ten ladies listed might make you the unfunny one on a date, the pictures below prove that it's totally worth it.

Anna Faris

Proving there's pretty much nothing she won't do for a laugh in the Scary Movie franchise, the petite Faris has also proved her worth playing herself in Entourage as well as the dumb but loveable Playboy cast-off in The House Bunny.

Emma Stone

After being injured by Jonah Hill in Superbad, Emma Stone's career could only really get better. After comic roles in The House Bunny and Zombieland, Stone finally became a leading lady in the smart teen comedy Easy A.

Jenna Fischer

After seven seasons in The Office, it's quite easy to see why anyone would have a crush on Jenna Fischer. Okay so she had us after just a couple of episodes. As receptionist Pam, Fischer captured the essence of that girl you probably wanted to try and kiss at the Christmas party but never had the guts.

Kristen Wiig

One of the funniest regulars on Saturday Night Live, Wiig's array of spot-on impressions and not-always-flattering set of characters quickly made her one to watch. Away from the disguises, she's also easy to watch for other reasons too. You may also have seen her tickling the funny bone (no euphemism intended) in Knocked Up as the snappy assistant. Proof of scene-stealingness here.

Leslie Mann

After playing the love interest for longer than she deserved, Judd Apatow finally gave his wife some decent comic roles in The 40-Year-Old Virgin, Knocked Up and Funny People to sink her teeth into. Her role as the 'crazy drunk vomit girl' in Virgin highlighted her potential while since then, without vomit, she's managed to show her sexy side as well.

Malin Akerman

Ridiculously attractive, it would be perfectly acceptable and understandable for Swedish-born Malin Akerman to rely on her looks and continue with her early career as a model. Yet after a highly funny knockabout performance as Ben Stiller's nightmare bride in The Heartbreak Kid, it appears that Akerman is far more than just a pretty face. She's since starred in the web comedy series Children's Hospital alongside Michael Cera and Rob Corddry.

Rashida Jones

The multi-talented daughter of Quincy Jones boasts an impressive comic resume. Roles in The Office, I Love You Man and the must-watch sitcom Parks and Recreation as well as sketch work on Funny or Die plus the creation of a comic book series Frenemy of the State mark Jones out as smart, funny and sexy.

Sarah Chalke

While the American health system might not be the most stable (yeah we watched Sicko) if female doctors look anything like Sarah Chalke's character in Scrubs, we'd be willing to risk it. Easily the sexiest and funniest medic in living memory, Chalke also deserves bonus points for being a childhood crush in Roseanne.

Sarah Silverman

With her wholesome look, Sarah Silverman looks like the perfect girl to bring home. Then she'd open her mouth and deliver a joke that would make Frankie Boyle blush and your parents may never forgive you. Silverman's stand-up routine deliberately courts controversy and has turned her into one of America's most talked about comics and also, by far the hottest.

Tina Fey

Playing the nerd on 30 Rock, Fey has no one fooled. A quick photo shoot later and it's clear that she's not only consistently hilarious but also incredibly sexy. The 40-year-old seems to be improving with age and has transformed her small-screen role as writer and star of the hit sitcom into a career as a Hollywood actress in Date Night and Megamind.