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The most hilarious moments of Euro 2016 so far

The most hilarious moments of Euro 2016 so far

The most hilarious moments of Euro 2016 so far
20 June 2016

It's fair to say that, so far, Euro 2016 hasn't exactly been a laugh riot. In fact, it's a been a very different kind of riot altogether.

But when you look beyond the grim headlines, misplaced lawn furniture and last-minute heart-breakers, you'll notice that Euro 2016 has already seen its fair share of hilarious, knee slap-worthy nonsense. 

And so, to that end, join us as we have a look at 21 of the most ridiculous moments of the European Championships so far...


When Ronaldo looked like he'd seen a spider

When the ball exploded during France v Switzerland

When four shirts were ripped during France v Switzerland

Leading Xherdan Shaqiri to quip: “I hope Puma does not produce condoms.”

When Northern Ireland gaffer Michael O'Neill manhandled his own player back onto the pitch when he thought he was being subbed

When a Welsh fan was really sad but then really happy

When co-commentator Ian Dowie summoned the Kraken with this celebratory wail

When Germany boss Joachim Löw had a scratch'n'sniff.

When Payet scored and Slaven Billic lost his mind

When Albania's coach got violently attacked by his manager and didn't even flinch

When Russia v Slovakia got spiritual

When there was an imposter

When Robbie Keane had a flashback to 'Nam

When Buffon ran the length of the pitch to fall off the crossbar

When Mark Clattenburg tried to 'speak Italian', patronising an entire nation

When Swedish and Irish followers showed Europe how football fans should act

When Kane's best contribution to the Russia match was this wince-worthy faceplant.

When the French's culinary expertise was seriously called into question.

When this guy's mates didn't carry through with their fancy-dress plans, but forgot to tell him.

When Henry saw France's first goal of the tournament, courtesy of fellow gunner Olivier Giroud.

When this Croatia player had swimming after the match and wanted to save time in the changing rooms.

When 18 year-old Turkish international Emre Mor hung around after their game against Croatia to grab a selfie with Luka Modric.

Numbers are numbers, even when you're a professional footballer.

When Slaven Bilić, Emmanuel Petit and Glenn Hoddle RIPPED into Arden Turan

When these players learnt from Bendtner's mistake and opted for subtle underwear endorsements.

When Northern Ireland fans taught 'Will Grigg's on Fire' to (presumably baffled) Poland fans.

When Nueur further pursued his ambition to become a goalkeeper-cum-midfield general.

When Turkey’s Ozan Tufan fixed his hair instead of shutting down Luka Modric, who smashed in a winning volley.

The Turkish press are (perhaps unfairly) furious about the player's vain and lackadaisical attitude.

When Twitter reacted to Roy Hodgson's (ridiculous) decision to put Kane on corner duty.