Fun size caviar


No matter how much you earn (trust us, we're minted) you will never be saddened to see a fun size Mars in your packed lunch.

Money could be the deciding factor on if a small pot of caviar is nestled between it and your soggy cucumber sandwich, though.

French company Kaviari have launched a series of tiny caviar offerings packaged in, at times hideous colours, for just this purpose. Priced at EUR35 (£30, $50) they weigh in with 15 grams of the good stuff and just 100-calories of the bad. The company says they are perfect “as a dainty snack at any time of day, whenever the fancy strikes”. So, never then?

Available in black, gold, silver, blue, fuchsia and apple green, Kaviari’s petite sliding-lid cases come with a small tasting spoon, because at times like this your index finger just won't cut it. Buyers can choose either Osetra or Kristal caviar varieties, obv.


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