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Fox News report on escaped cougar is unintentionally hilarious


Fox News report on escaped cougar is unintentionally hilarious

Oh Fox News, where would we be without you?

Only a month after their last absolutely classic moment - when they accidentally interviewed the smartest man ever about Hurricane Irma, when they were desperately hoping for someone who would simply spread their fearmongering agenda instead - and it’s happened again.

The latest one is all about the comic timing. With reporter Scott Madaus despatched to Hernando, a city just outside Memphis in Mississippi to report on a sighting of a terrifying, dangerous cougar on the loose, it was clear that everyone should be absolutely terrified of this wild beast that could rip out the throat of anyone who dared to cross its path.

And what better way to show this than a sweeping reveal to where it had been spotted….

…where, in its place, sat a normal cat.

Just look at it though. You can see evil in its eyes can’t you? This cat has done things. Bad things. And it will do them again. And it moves FOR NO MAN.

Now, while there is the possibility that this cat might well be a vicious bastard at home - all claws and hissing and not taking kindly to being stroked - it’s not quite on the level that Fox were building up to, although one really has to admire the dogged determination of the cameraman to stick closely to it, just in case it didn’t anything scary, like start washing its paws or something.

Still, this latest incident reminds us of another pressing question we have about the news channel:

Well, what have the foxes been up to? We demand to know.