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These are the three foods you need to mention in your dating profile

And they couldn't be more millennial

These are the three foods you need to mention in your dating profile

Knowing what to include in your dating profile is not an easy task. Do you write a hilarious joke? Try to seem sincere? Try to appear like being on a dating app is completely beneath you? ALL OF THE ABOVE? It’s a genuine mystery, lads. 

But now a new study has shed a small amount of light on what might help you meet that special someone: mentioning specific food on your profile.

Dating app Zoosk analysed “3,733,185 dating profiles and 364,609,566 first messages” in order to find out how “mentioning different foods and food-related phrases change daters’ romantic interactions”. They also surveyed 7000 singles to get some insight on “how food and dating intersect”. 

And apparently, food makes a big difference. 

“In many ways, we are what we eat,” Zoosk writes. “Food preferences do have an impact on how we interact with each other romantically. And for the most part, any time food and romance come together it’s very positive.”

Talking about food, apparently, makes you much more attractive - “any mention of food is going to result in an increase in inbound messages”. 

The top three foods on the list - guacamole, potatoes and chocolate respectively - are also particularly successful. Guacamole, which tops the list, results in an 144% increase in inbound messages, potatoes a 101% increase and chocolate 100%. 

The most popular food groups are “protein” (36% increase), fruits (34%) and vegetables (19%), although why someone would actively put protein on their profile is still unexplained. Profiles that “contain the word foodie” receive 82% more incoming messages; those who mention the word “cook” receive 26% more. Don’t mention any of this in actual messages though - apparently all of the above foods and food groups result in a decreased likelihood of a reply, which is confusing.

Once you’ve actually got someone to agree to go out with you, there are also a few rules: people don’t want to eat anything messy. Buffalo wings, “hard to pronounce food”, garlic and spaghetti are all off the table. 

Maybe just play it safe and order a raw potato covered in guacamole and chocolate. Yep, that’s a surefire winner.

(Images: Pexels)