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Florida man shot by his dog

Florida man shot by his dog

Florida man shot by his dog

While this might sound like something a cat would do, it's actually the work of a particularly mean-spirited dog.

Florida-based Gregory Dale Lanier was driving with his much-loved canine at the weekend when the dog "accidentally" kicked a pistol that was on the floor of the truck.

Lanier had thought the gun was unloaded but a sharp burning feeling in his leg suggested otherwise and he was soon driving to the hospital.

Worryingly, no charges of attempted murder are being brought up against the dog and it's being ruled as an accidental shooting. The local Police Commander claims he's "never heard of a case like this before" which, given the fact that he works in Florida, we think is a shameless lie.

It has also happened before elsewhere.

[via WTSP]

(Image: Flickr Creative Commons: Walter Jaquith)