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Five ways to improve your Uber rating (as revealed by actual Uber drivers)

Been struggling to get an Uber? This might be why...

Five ways to improve your Uber rating (as revealed by actual Uber drivers)

"What do you mean, I've got an Uber rider rating?"

You've clearly not seen our guide to tracking down that most niche of personal scores, more valuable than your credit rating or Candy Crush personal best. 

Just as you're able to rate Uber drivers, drivers in turn are able to rate you - having a significant impact on your ability to order a cab on a busy, breezy Friday night.

Late to your requested pickup point? Abusive over their radio selection? That Kebab you vomited all over their leather seats? It could all count against you.

Business Insider asked Uber drivers for tips on how to improve your driving rating. Good luck climbing back into the four-star club. 

Give out five-star ratings

In the world of Uber, altruism pays dividends.

If you give a five-star rating, your driver is apparently more likely to return the favour.

If a driver's rating slips below a certain score, they're in danger of being booted from the service. Give them a five-star review and you'll be helping balance out their average score.

Be where you say you'll be

For an Uber driver, time is money.

If you say you're at a certain location waiting for collection, only to leave a driver waiting for you to turn up from arguing over the contents of your kebab side salad, that's time they're wasting not getting another fare. 

Turn up on time in an easy-to-reach location and you're more likely to reap some sweet five-star rewards.

Remember you're allowed to tip

This somewhat runs against Uber's cashless raison d'être, but did you know you're allowed to tip your driver?

If you tip your driver with some old-fashioned cash, it's bound to get you a more positive rating from your driver.

Think of this as a last-ditched attempt at nudging a night-threatening two-star rating up to safer levels. 

Don't try and over fill a car

An obvious one, but if you need an Uber for five people, be sure to order an XL or two separate rides: a driver is breaking the law if they try and squeeze five people into four seats. 

Show some respect

Given that you've summoned a taxi out of some virtual realm with the tap of an app, it's tempting to think yourself lord and commander of the good ship Uber.

You're not. Get over yourself. 

This is someone's full time job. They've got bills to pay, a car to look after, mouths to feed. If you show them some respect, they're more likely to give you a better rating.

It's obvious, yes - but clearly enough passengers don't behave themselves to warrant drivers bringing it up.

[Via: Business Insider]

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