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Federal hero Kiefer Sutherland unleashes Red Bank Whisky in the UK

It's the only dram fit for the tastebuds of Jack Bauer

Federal hero Kiefer Sutherland unleashes Red Bank Whisky in the UK

Have you ever fancied a dram and inadvertently found yourself pondering the question: 'what would Jack Bauer drink?'.

By our reckoning, it's probably something that tastes a little like Red Bank Whisky.

Released by the 24 agent's real-life counterpart, acting legend Kiefer Sutherland, Red Bank Whisky is a dram flying the flag for Canada - and is now available in the UK for the first time,

Admittedly, our lead character spirits dilemmas usually centre around whether to select gin or vodka for our shaken-not-stirred martini.

However, we feel it's about time we gave over to something a little smokier (something that may or may not be accompanied by a federal badge).

Sutherland first joined Gary Briggs, Shawn Hiscott and Rob Steele to create Red Bank back in 2022, with the trio's first whisky release, Red Bank Whisky, launching a year later in the US.

Now, the Fox TV star's latest venture is landing on UK shores.
Sutherland said of the release: “The thing that I found so fascinating about Red Bank and this journey developing the whisky is the incredible pride Canadians take in themselves and their country.

Federal hero Kiefer Sutherland unleashes Red Bank Whisky in the UK

“I was born in England and I know the British people feel the same, but I grew up in Canada and one of the things that I’ve admired about Canada is its great diversity not just in its landscapes and culture, but it’s people as well.
“I am proud to have Red Bank represent all that is authentically Canadian and I am absolutely thrilled to bring it to the UK with the help of Mangrove Global.”

When it comes to the bottle, Red Bank's golden liquid comes in at 40% ABV, blended by master blender Michel Marcil.

Influenced by Canada's rugged Atlantic coast, Sutherland says Red Bank is "where beachstones and bonfires inspire an incredibly well balanced, bold flavour profile".

This whisky's make-up is a mix of rye, corn and wheat whiskies, serving up a spiced finish that combines oak, ripe orchard fruit, allspice - and just a sweet hint of caramel.

A bottle comes in at £47.95 at Masters of Malt - which is a fair price if you ask us, and tends to suggest this is more than just another celebrity putting their name to an entry-level blend.

Bottles of this fine blended whisky are also available from all good online and physical retailers from today.

"A place where moments are shared and music moves to the rhythm of ocean waves," reads Red Banks distillery. To be fair, we're all ears.

Given the description, it'll just have to be taste tested. It's a hard job but hey, someone's got to do it.

Keifer, if you're reading this, we'll voluntarily come out to Canada and become your official Atlantic taste-testers.