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Favourite movies of famous people

They're just like us (but richer)

Favourite movies of famous people
13 September 2011

Being famous and having an opinion isn't always an easy combination. With a rabid band of PRs, agents, managers and lawyers, they're constantly having to self-censor anything that hasn't come from a pre-written, pre-tested script.

But when it comes to talking about their favourite films, they're usually on safe ground. Providing that they steer clear of any Nazi propaganda films or anything starring Katherine Heigl.

Here are 50 celebrities. Click on each to find out about their favourite.

(Images: Rex Features, All Star)

David Cameron

Favourite film:Lawrence of Arabia

Russell Brand

Favourite film:The Elephant Man

Alex Ferguson

Favourite film:The Godfather

Jason Bateman

Favourite film:There Will Be Blood

Harrison Ford

Favourite film:To Kill A Mockingbird

Condoleezza Rice

Favourite film:Casablanca

Michael Caine

Favourite film:The Third Man

Tiger Woods

Favourite film:Caddyshack

Eva Mendes

Favourite film:Anchorman

Stephen Merchant

Favourite film:The Apartment

Bill Nighy

Favourite film:Punch-Drunk Love

Michael Jackson

Favourite film:E.T.

Charlize Theron

Favourite film:Rear Window

Cristiano Ronaldo

Favourite film:The Rock

Mick Jagger

Favourite film:Apocalypse Now

Christian Bale

Favourite film:Beverly Hills Ninja

Bill Gates

Favourite film:Ordinary People

Tom Hardy

Favourite film:Platoon

Albert Einstein

Favourite film:City Lights

Julianne Moore

Favourite film:Rosemary's Baby

Tony Blair

Favourite film:Rush Hour

Cameron Diaz

Favourite film:Animal House

Bill Clinton

Favourite film:High Noon

Michael Owen

Favourite film:Cool Runnings

Mark Ruffalo

Favourite film:On The Waterfront

Sarah Silverman

Favourite film:Sleeping With The Enemy

Prince William

Favourite film:The Italian Job

Morgan Freeman

Favourite film:King Kong

Brandon Flowers

Favourite film:Forrest Gump

Andy Murray

Favourite film:The Girl Next Door

Sam Worthington

Favourite film:Die Hard

Kanye West

Favourite film:Coming To America

Jonah Hill

Favourite film:Goodfellas

Nick Clegg

Favourite film:The Class

Juliette Lewis

Favourite film:What About Bob?

Andy Warhol

Favourite film:The Creation Of The Humanoids

James Franco

Favourite film:My Own Private Idaho

George W Bush

Favourite film:Field Of Dreams

Quentin Tarantino

Favourite film:The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

Lady Gaga

Favourite film:Rocky

Jesse Eisenberg

Favourite film:Hannah And Her Sisters

Chris Martin

Favourite film:Back To The Future

Natalie Portman

Favourite film:Dirty Dancing

Thom Yorke

Favourite film:Arthur


Favourite film:Napoleon Dynamite

Brad Pitt

Favourite film:Planet Of The Apes

Liam Gallagher

Favourite film:Quadrophenia

Chuck Palahniuk

Favourite film:Harold & Maude

Nick Nolte

Favourite film:Dr Strangelove

Roger Federer

Favourite film:Good Will Hunting