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Famous Movie Babies: Where Are They Now?

Famous Movie Babies: Where Are They Now?

Famous Movie Babies: Where Are They Now?
08 January 2016

It's a sad truth that child actors invariably turn out to have difficult lives. But what of baby actors? Well, happily, things seem to turn out well for those who grace the big screen at a very little age. Mainly because they either turn their backs on acting or have no acting skill to speak of in the first place. They just had to sit there and look cute.

So, here, we doff our cap to those who have appeared on the silverscreen, but probably don't remember a single minute of it.

Toby Froud (Labyrinth)

The more we read about Toby Froud, the more we like him. Costume designer for Labyrinth, Brian Froud, had a baby son, Toby. The film needed a baby actor, and sure enough Brian (well, Toby) stepped up (well, crawled). Time on the Labyrinth set, with Hoggle and co, clearly rubbed off on the young Toby who went on to follow in his father’s footsteps and design puppets. He was an apprentice at the Muppet Workshop in New York and has worked on special effects for The Chronicles of Narnia and ParaNorman. In 2014 he directed short film Lessons Learned.

TJ Kuhn (Nathan Jr, Raising Arizona)

We managed to track down TJ, who is a very lovely guy and a realtor at We Know Urban Realty in Phoenix. He said: "I never really tell anyone I'm in the movie. All throughout my childhood I remember my parents telling my teachers, friends and their parents I was Nathan Jr. and it embarrassed me. There was a casting call for well mannered babies in the Tucson area for a movie and both my parents brought me down. When they got there the "baby handlers", including Julie Kareus (who befriended my parents and is my godmother), took over and passed me around. They tell me a story about how I threw up in Julie's mouth while she was holding me over her head. My parents said that all of the cast were super nice and that Holly Hunter was like a second mum on set. Another of the babies in the film, Cody Ranger, is still a good friend of mine and we keep in touch since he moved to Michigan.

"A few years ago I was able to talk to Nicolas Cage on the radio while he was promoting National Treasure and we talked about Raising Arizona. He was a really nice guy and seemed surprised that he was talking with the baby from 20 years ago."

Sofia Coppola (The Godfather)

Two incoming truthbombs:

1. Her film debut was as a baby boy in the christening scene toward the climax of The Godfather.

2. She replaced Winona Ryder in the role of Mary Corleone in The Godfather: Part III.

Needless to say she's done rather well since having her head wetted in her screen debut. In 2003, she received an Oscar for Best Original Screenplay for Lost in Translation, and became the first American woman to be nominated for an Oscar for Best Director. In 2010, with Somewhere, she became the first American woman (and fourth American filmmaker) to win the Golden Lion, the top prize at the Venice Film Festival. She most recently directed the godlike genius that is Bill once again, teaming up for Netflix's festive special A Very Murray Christmas

Jacob Haines (Mikey, Look Who's Talking)

The role of Mikey was played by four babies, one of the oldest of which was Haines. In fact, he probably falls into the toddler category, but hey ho. Jacob lives in Florida and continues to act. He holds a degree in Instrumental Music Education from Auburn University and has been an actor, singer and dancer at Walt Disney World. He has appeared in a raft of US TV ads as well as playing Greg in One Tree Hill during its second season. You can check out his website right here.

Will and Hank Deutschendorf (Oscar, Ghostbusters II)

As if appearing in the arms of Dr Peter Venkman Ph.D. in Ghostbusters II isn't badass enough, these twins went on to teach at and own a karate school - West Coast Martial Arts Academy. It was something they've wanted to do since they were 10, apparently. Interesting note: They're nephews of the late John Denver.

Daniel and Joshua Shalikar (Adam Szalinski, Honey, I Blew Up the Kid)

Casting director Renee Rousselot searched in a sea of 1,100 small children before casting these twins. One twin would act in the morning, while the other one was eating lunch or taking a nap and they'd switch. One crew member said: "On his own, Dan was almost too adventuresome to repeat one move, and Josh seemed very cautious. Put them together and they could do anything." Is 'adventuresome' a word?

According to Facebook Joshua (left) is now Digital Technologist/BRM at Johnson & Johnson, while last we heard Daniel Dan (right) works as a webmaster and designer. Both are volunteer fire fighters for East Brunswick Independent Fire Company, New Jersey.

Kristen and Kaitlyn Hooper (Pubert Addams, The Addams Family Values)

Five years after their only movie, Addams Family Values, the Hooper twins made one episode of Home Improvement before calling time on their acting career. They picked up softball and played for Santa Ana College Dons before being transferred to the University of Redlands. In classic Brits talking about American sport-style, we don't really know what this means. But they seem very happy.

Aaron Smolinski (Kal-El/Clark Kent, Superman)

Aaron was three when he appeared in Superman, kickstarting an acting career that consists almost entirely of Superman movies. He went on to appear in Superman: II before playing the boy by the photo booth in Superman: III and a communications officer in Man Of Steel. He has also been on in MVP: Most Valuable Primate, Wishmaster 3, The Outer Limits and has just finished Astronomy Walkers. He doesn't (COUGH!) like to talk about his role in Superman... (see his Facebook page).

Adam Robert Worton & Jacob Joseph Worton (Bink, Baby's Day Out)

If Facebook is to be believed, and let's face it, it's not always accurate, then one of the boys behind the role of baby Bink, Jacob (right), is part of Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia Fraternity - the world's oldest and largest fraternal society in music. He's pretty handy with a sax and possibly earns an honest buck at Bing's Bakery. Less is known about his brother Adam (left) who, again according to the gospel of Facebook, moved to Ontario about a month ago. Either way, Baby's Day Out was their one and only movie. Why mess with perfection?