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This '80s version of 'Sugar We're Going Down' is your new summer jam

The best Fall Out Boy song ever? QUITE POSSIBLY

This '80s version of 'Sugar We're Going Down' is your new summer jam
08 June 2018

’80s remixes of modern pop songs are not a new thing, but they are a good thing. Get a popular track that everyone knows, isolate the vocals and then absolutely slam a load of Yamaha DX-7s and 808s underneath - it’s a flawless recipe for retro success.

Don’t believe us, well, remember this rock classic from 2005 by Fallout Boy:

Good innit? Top song, that.

But you know what? NOT ‘80S ENOUGH, IS IT? Not enough synths. Not enough aural neon. So step in YouTube user Johan Olsson - a man with a track record in retro-fying modern songs - and his wonderfully nostalgic fingers. 

He’s poked them around in the belly of the song, and has come out with absolutely beautiful slice of wistful beauty:

Oh yes. Oh yes. Bang in a right fucking heroic sax solo too - what a dream. Better than the original? Well, this was the original - it clearly came out in the ‘80s, and you can never beat the first time.*

Check out his YouTube page - he’s got a bunch of other retro remixes, including this hefty version of ‘Symphony’ by Clean Bandit:

And while we’re here, what a great excuse to post one of the greatest ‘80s remixes to ever hit the W.W.W:

What a summer it’s going to be!

*In fact, I’m queuing it up on Spotify for the first time I have sex

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