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Excellent Sci-Fi Space Hero Exhibition

Excellent Sci-Fi Space Hero Exhibition

Excellent Sci-Fi Space Hero Exhibition

Space. The final frontier, in a galaxy far, far away. And beyond. Or something. We were never any good with quotes.

The big inky black beyond our skies has been the setting for countless heroes and sci-fi romps over the years - the most iconic of whom now star in their own exhibit at iam8bit.

Titled Space Heroes: An Artistic Exploration, the gallery features a range of characters and craft from the world of video games, film and TV: Star Wars to Star Trek, Firefly to Mass Effect, each of the artists has added a unique twist to their intergalactic character of choice. Space Jam even gets a welcome look in. 

If you're not able to visit the show over in Los Angeles, you can still pick up a print from the gallery's online store. We've picked some of our favourites below. 

Firefly by Drew Wise
Zapp Brannigan VS the Kill Bots by Aled Lewis
USS Enterprise VS Death Star by Doaly
The Song of Silence by Andrew Kolb
The Corps of Space Rangers by Alex Griendling
Space Jam by Marco DAlfanso
Space Command by Valeriya Volkova
Interstellar by Marie Bergeron
Ellen by Nan Lawson
Artoo by Inus Pretorius

(Images: iam8bit)

[Via: Geek-Art]