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The totally excellent 19 facts you never knew about Wayne’s World

No way? Way.

The totally excellent 19 facts you never knew about Wayne’s World
16 February 2017

Words: Keyan Milanian

It’s a scientifically proven fact that the world would have been a much sadder place had it not been for the release, a short quarter century ago, of a film called Wayne’s World.

Back on May 22, 1992, we were introduced to Wayne and Garth, two rock ‘n roll fans and hosts of a small-time TV show filmed in Wayne’s basement. Twenty-five years on, the long-haired Queen-loving pair are still considered cult heroes.

So, to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the film’s release, here we have 19 totally excellent facts you probably didn’t know about the film. No way? Way.


When Wayne and Garth are on the hood of the car watching aeroplanes fly over, Garth asks Wayne if he ever thought Bugs Bunny was attractive in women's clothing. The line was an ad-lib but it made Mike Myers laugh so hard it was decided the dialogue would be kept in the film.


That infamous headbanging scene? One of the most classic moments of 90s cinema? Myers and Carvey, who developed severe neck pain from their repeated headbanging, complained that it wasn’t even a funny scene.


The character of Garth was modelled on Carvey’s brother, Brad. Who, as it happens, is a VFX whizz who invented the builder of the first wire-wrapped Video Toaster. Man’s got his own Wiki too


The film is the only Saturday Night Live spin-off that has grossed more than $100 million (about £80m).


Wayne’s World could have been very different. Myers had originally developed Wayne as a solo character and reportedly didn’t want to share the limelight.


Dana Carvey (Garth) did not learn the lyrics to Bohemian Rhapsody before the famous car singing scene and was supposedly unhappy that it was so obvious in the final cut.


Wayne’s character was based on the rocker kids Myers met at parties as a teen.


While the film was set in Aurora, Illinois, none of it was actually shot in the city.


Queen’s music saw a resurgence in popularity, particularly in the US, following the film’s release and the iconic Bohemian Rhapsody rock out, with a rerelease of the track hitting number 2 in the States. A reworked video also won Queen its only MTV Video Music Award, for ‘Best Video from a Film’ – picking up the award, Brian May said that "Freddie would be tickled."


Carvey actually played the drums himself in the music shop scene.


During the film, Garth describes an episode of The Twilight Zone to the audience – but the episode doesn’t actually exist.


Many music shops in the UK in the Seventies actually did ban customers from playing Stairway to Heaven because it was played so often – hence the sign in the shop in Wayne’s World.


The entire film was shot in just 34 days.


Alice Cooper never expected to be given so many lines in the film and later admitted there was “a lot of riffing”.


Myers reportedly tried to get Nirvana to appear in Wayne’s World 2. He was not successful.


Wayne’s World inspired a roller coaster called “The Hurler” at Carowinds in South Carolina.


It also led to a spin-off (but awful) Nintendo game.


While the film was eventually a huge hit, the reaction from bosses at Paramount Pictures was initially lukewarm. People just don’t always appreciate genius we guess.


A special trailer was produced for the film to be screened before The Addams Family, because execs thought there was a potential for a crossover - as both films were inspired by TV shows.