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Everyone is mad about Mary Berry's pie

No soggy bottoms here

Everyone is mad about Mary Berry's pie
22 March 2017

Following her stately, dignified exit from the Great British Bake Off, you’d have thought Mary Berry would be staying away from the headlines. But once again she’s generating more column inches than Kim K after a distinctly controversial pie recipe.

Yes: in a completely outrageous and shocking move, Mary decided to make a pie... without a base. Perhaps in an attempt to avoid a soggy bottom, Mary’s recipe for a potato, leek and cheese pie simply involves plonking a lid on the top of what is essentially a casserole.

And oh boy, did Twitter hate it.

“It is NOT a pie,” said one tweeter. “What kind of monstrosity is a pie without a base?” said another.

This isn’t the only culinary controversy Mary has been involved in recently. Only a few weeks ago the internet was once again up in arms when, in a “disgraceful” move some people definitely didn’t overreact to, Mazza added white wine and double cream to a traditional bolognese sauce.

But, according to British Pie Awards chairman Matthew O’Callaghan, there are some pretty strict rules when it comes to pies. No lattice or open top, no “only a top” – there has to be both a top and a bottom to pass muster.

And speaking to The Telegraph, O’Callaghan confirmed that Mary’s “pie” was definitely not a pie.

“That’s not a pie,” he said.

That’s us told then.