Everyday problems of pop culture heroes


Typical. You finally come to terms with your freakish superpowers, hone these skills to take down evil wrong doers, shoehorn yourself into that tight Lycra and then before you know it you’re pulled over by cops for a speeding ticket. 

Talk about the wrong sort of flash...

This sobering assessment of the world of superheroes might not exactly scream IMAX, but it does work in illustrated form - specifically where the works of Malaysian-based illustrator Chow Hon Lam are concerned. The man's latest art series is positively brimming with them.

A waggish look at the more mundane lives of pop culture characters, for Flying Mouse 365 Lam has created a different t-shirt design every day for a year. A whole year. Astonishing. If there was enough space in our wardrobe we'd have them all.

Have a peek below for some of the highlights, or visit his website for more.


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