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Trump-mocking Sean Spicer steals the show at the 2017 Emmys

Did this really happen?

Trump-mocking Sean Spicer steals the show at the 2017 Emmys

Given that a TV star is now dominating world politics, it seems only fair that someone should go the other way.

The Emmys, the annual American TV awards, took place on Sunday evening in Los Angeles and received an unexpected guest star, fresh from exiting the Trump administration, in the form of the much-mocked former press secretary Sean Spicer - who proceeded to steal the show.

His time working with The Donald was characterised by a string of ludicrous exclamations, conflict with the press and a string of gaffes and errors, deliberate or otherwise.

Soon becoming a figure of fun, his combative interactions with the press were memorably mocked on Saturday Night Live by Melissa McCarthy, with Spicer admitting that he found the skits funny.

However, no one was expecting him to laugh at himself publicly, but that’s exactly what happened during the Emmys, when he appeared on stage during the opening monologue from host Stephen Colbert.

A shocked audience didn’t quite know what to make of it as he wheeled out a mock White House lectern and prepared to make a speech.

With Colbert explaining that he was hoping that the show would achieved the ratings “big numbers” so beloved of Donald Trump, but admitted that “at this point we have no way of knowing how big our audience is”, at which point Spicer appeared and proclaimed: “this will be the largest audience to witness an Emmys, period”.

The quote was a reference to his infamous proclamation on Trump’s inauguration crowd back in January, when he said, in contravention of a raft of available evidence, that it was the “largest audience to ever to witness an inauguration, period – both in person and around the globe”.

Of course, even being able to deliver outright lies like this wasn’t enough for Spicer to keep his job as press secretary, as he resigned in July after Trump appointed  Anthony Scaramucci as communications director - a man who himself only lasted ten days (during which he missed the birth of his second son) before exiting the White House.

Perhaps he should team up with Spicer to make a comedic double act? Forget Ant and Dec: here’s Ant and Sean.

(Image: Rex)

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