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A superhuman drag queen Elsa single-handedly rescued a police truck stuck in the snow

The, ahem, cold never bothered her anyway...

A superhuman drag queen Elsa single-handedly rescued a police truck stuck in the snow
15 March 2018

What do you think of when you think of Boston? Mark Wahlberg? Ben Affleck and Matt Damon? Johnny Depp in Black Mass? We hear you. 

Well all that has changed now, with a viral video of a fairy godmother, also known as a man in drag as Elsa from Frozen, descending from heaven (inside the restaurant) to rescue some police officers who were stuck in the snow after eating inside for a few hours.

The as yet unnamed hero sprung from his table where he was dining with friends and went outside to help when he saw the cops in trouble. The restaurant’s publicist, Chris Haynes, who was inside at the time, started filming. (Stop being so cynical it was a spontaneous moment OK?) 

Chris said “To see a Disney princess pushing a 2-ton police wagon out of the snow was nothing short of shocking. Everybody was like, ‘We should go help.’ But every time we were about to, it looked like the wagon was free.”

People can be heard cheering throughout the clip as the 6’3 princess single-handedly pushes the (fairly sizable) police truck out of the two feet of snow, until eventually it’s set free, and he curtsies to the crowds in appreciation. 

At the time of posting, the video has almost 6 million views and counting, and Chris has been inundated with interview requests from media outlets about the magical moment. It warms your heart doesn’t it? Not all heroes wear capes, but this one certainly does.

(Image: Getty)