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First born child? Sorry, you're probably a rubbish driver

Older but very much not wiser

First born child? Sorry, you're probably a rubbish driver
11 August 2017

First borns are often thought to be more confident and conscientious than middle or last born kids – and don’t often shy away from lording it over their little brothers and sisters. But now, second and third born kids can finally get one over on their older siblings – because a new survey has revealed that first borns are actually kind of rubbish at driving. 

According to a survey from Privilege Car Insurance, older siblings are far more likely to be risky drivers than their younger siblings, and are also more likely to have annoying driving habits.

89% of first borns are likely to speed, 47% to cut other drivers off, 46% to “hog the middle of the road”, and 17% to apply make up while driving. 30% have used their phone at the wheel, and 35% have been fined for bad driving. All of these percentages are higher than their younger siblings.

And all of these bad driving habits have ensured that first-born kids have been in more accidents than second or third-borns. 

Within families, youngest kids were the best drivers, with only 42% cutting up other drivers (which still seems like quite a high percentage).

And the best drivers of all? Only children, apparently, who are the least likely to cut someone up or cruise in the middle of the road. 

So next time your older sibling tries to boss you around, don’t worry – take comfort in the fact they’re probably getting screwed on their car insurance.

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