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Driver gets an absolutely brutal note on their badly-parked car

We're not sure they really deserved this

Driver gets an absolutely brutal note on their badly-parked car

Alongside the weather, there's one thing that's guaranteed to be a hot topic of conversation for the average British adult, and that's the current parking situation in their locality.

Whether it's the exorbitant price of multi-storey car parks these days, the introduction of 'too many' disabled or 'child and parent' spots, the hot topic of residents' permits or simply what a great parallel park they did the other day, you can always rely on it for a good ice-breaker. 

And one person in Aberdeen takes their parking very seriously indeed.

This note, left on the rear windscreen of a Audi parked (badly) in Thistle Lane, leaves the unfortunate driver in no doubt as to the writer's opinion of their driving skills.

Look closely and it reads: "Nice parking. Please don't reproduce. Regards, humanity.", with a condom helpfully attached.

Really, one can only marvel at the anger and effort that went into this. First things first, although it doesn't look like a great park - for some reason the car is perpendicular to some double yellow lines - it also doesn't look like anyone has been blocked in, or a road cut off - it looks like there's plenty of room to navigate around this car.

Secondly, in this age of mobile phone note-taking, who carries a notepad around with them? We bet they had to actually bother going to a newsagent to buy one, and a biro to write with.

Thirdly, unless they were feeling lucky that day, they'd have also had to pop to a chemist to purchase the condom.

"Big night planned, sir?" "No, actually I'm buying them to passive-aggressively chide someone who has very poorly parked their car." "Oh, OK sir."

And this also opens up a whole topic of conversation - is bad parking genetically derived? Does it stand to reason that the offspring of someone unable to parallel park will also be unable to successfully perform such a task? Surely it depends who the driver is planning to procreate with? Perhaps they are a stunningly brilliant parker whose 'driving genes' will easily overpower the other, thus improving the overall parking capability of mankind?

Thinking about this is driving us mad.

[via Imgur]