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Drink in the sound of summer

Drink in the sound of summer

Drink in the sound of summer

The iconic Smirnoff Moscow Mule can be an easy choice for a summer festival.

Some things last the test of time for a reason: they are simply excellent. This certainly applies to the iconic Smirnoff Moscow Mule drink, still popular 60 years after it was invented in the US during the vodka craze of the Fifties.

Its beauty is in its simplicity; as this drink can be made anywhere, perfect for this summer’s festivals.


  • 50ml Smirnoff
  • 120ml ginger beer
  • 25ml lime juice (approximately half a squeezed lime)
  • Wedge of lime
  • Two units per serve


Step 1 Fill your glass with ice cubes.

Step 2 Add the Smirnoff, ginger beer and lime juice.

Step 3 Stir the mixture and add a wedge of lime to garnish.

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