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Trump wants an actual space army called Space Force to fight space wars

Donny Boy is always looking for new things to ruin

Trump wants an actual space army called Space Force to fight space wars
14 March 2018

Donald Trump had a busy day yesterday. First off, he fired his Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, coincidentally after ol’ Tilly suggested the Russians might be behind the poisoning of ex-Russian double agent Sergei Skripal in Salisbury last week. After lunch he gave a speech to Marines in San Diego, California about American defence systems and mentioned his impending plans to be equipped to fight…aliens?

Speaking to what we can only imagine must have been a bewildered audience of military personnel, Trump said he had started thinking about a ‘Space Force.’ ‘We should have a new force called the Space Force,” he told troops, “It’s like the Army and the Navy, but for space, because we’re spending a lot of money on space.”

And, obviously, the internet has gone wild for it. 

As with his entire presidential campaign, Trump said it had begun as a joke, but they were now considering it as a serious idea. ‘Space is a war-fighting domain, just like air, land and sea.’ He said, very much in the spirit of someone who is actively looking for new areas in which he’d like to have a war, rather than anticipating a potential threat. 

Not content with starting Earth-bound wars with lunatic dictators, he’s expanding Trump Enterprises into the cosmos to start wars that haven’t even happened yet. 

So buckle up everyone, the Trump Train is still going, this time through the atmosphere and into the unknown. Can someone let Elon Musk know he’s got competition?