People have started replacing Donald Trump with a penguin in photos and it is magnificent

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Dave Fawbert
Trump penguin

“The expressions on the faces of everyone else in the room would still work”

Often, I wonder whether the internet is really a good thing.

Oh sure, you’ve got Spotify (amazing), Amazon (useful if morally dubious), Twitter (fun but timewasting), (all-round excellence) but then you’ve also got book shops going out of business, the collapse of the high street, cyberbullying, the rise of the alt-right and rampant hate speak. A mixed bag, if you will.

But then something like this comes along and you think: no, it really is an excellent invention.

Legendary writer/director/producer/satirist Armando Iannucci - he of The Thick of It, Alan Partridge, Friday Night Armistice, Veep and loads more besides - tweeted this on Thursday:

He wrote: “Proposal: If you take any piece of footage of Trump in a White House meeting, and replaced Trump with a penguin, the expressions on the faces of everyone else in the room would still work. Twitter, let’s see what you can do.”

And, boy, did Twitter produce.

Prepare yourselves people:

Someone had to go and be clever though:

Given the explosive revelations of Bob Woodward’s new book and the anonymous New York Times op-ed, we’re starting to suspect that replacing Trump with a penguin might not actually lead to a vastly different policy direction. Although, given they are both black and white, perhaps it might tone down some of the racism in the administration a little.

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