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Psychologists & therapists claim Trump is genuinely mentally ill

Due to his grandiosity, impulsivity and hypersensitivity to criticism

Psychologists & therapists claim Trump is genuinely mentally ill
31 January 2017

In news that really doesn’t come as a surprise, a number of therapists and psychologists have come forward to state that Donald Trump is mentally ill and is unfit to be President of the United States.

Even before Trump stepped into the White House, three psychologists got in touch with Obama to call into question the mental stability of the new president, reports the Huffington Post.

This letter read: ‘His widely reported symptoms of mental instability – including grandiosity, impulsivity, hypersensitivity to slights or criticism, and an apparent inability to distinguish between fantasy and reality – lead us to question his fitness for the immense responsibilities of the office.’

The concerns of the Harvard Medical School and University of California professors went as far as to suggest that Trump should have a ‘full medical and neuropsychiatric evaluation,’ the only way to validate the theories of mental illness they claim Trump suffers from.

More recently, psychotherapist and author John D. Gartner said that Trump “is dangerously mentally ill and temperamentally incapable of being president.”

He believes Trump shows signs of “malignant narcissism, which is different from narcissistic personality disorder and which is incurable.”

Malignant narcissism is defined as a mix of narcissism, antisocial personality disorder, aggression and sadism.

“Narcissism impairs his ability to see reality so you can't use logic to persuade someone like that,” clinical psychologist Dr Julie Futrell told NY Daily News.

“Three million women marching? Doesn't move him. Advisers point out that a policy choice didn't work? He won't care.”

These experts aren’t alone though, as thousands of therapists around the USA have now grouped together to create Citizen Therapists Against Trumpism, a group with a manifesto that wants to stop the rise of the president’s ideologies.

This is what they describe Trumpism as:

  • Scapegoating and banishing groups of people who are seen as threats, including immigrants and religious minorities.
  • Degrading, ridiculing, and demeaning rivals and critics.
  • Fostering a cult of the Strong Man who:
  • Appeals to fear and anger
  • Promises to solve our problems if we just trust in him
  • Reinvents history and has little concern for truth
  • Never apologizes or admits mistakes of consequence
  • Sees no need for rational persuasion
  • Subordinates women while claiming to idealize them
  • Disdains public institutions like the courts when they are not subservient
  • Champions national power over international law and respect for other nations
  • Incites and excuses public violence by supporters

So is Trump an actual narcissist? He definitely shows signs of it, as the American Psychiatry Association states that symptoms include: a grandiose sense of self-importance; lacking empathy; extreme arrogance and an obsession with fantasies of unlimited success, power, brilliance, beauty, or ideal love.

Even the most ardent Trump sympathiser surely has to admit that that list sums up dear old Donny to a tee.

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